Arte Laine
Elaine L Hughes - Fine Art
2 Dec 2018 Atmospheric Perspective in the Watercolour Landscape Category: Workshop/Class Price: 90.00 Venue: Coast Collective Art Centre, Wale Road, Victoria (Colwood), BC, Canada
In this one day workshop we will explore the use of hue, value, intensity, and detail to create atmospheric perspective in the landscape. We will also look at the use of wet on wet painting and glazing, to see how those techniques can help create distance and dimension. Participants are encouraged to bring their own reference materials, as well as having their drawings done and their paper mounted on a painting support before class begins, so that the full day can be spent on the actual painting. There will be some instructor demos as well as individual consultations and a group critique. Bring all your usual paints, brushes and materials. This course is intended for those with some prior experience in watercolours.