Arte Laine
Elaine L Hughes - Fine Art
16 Nov 2019 Value Design and Techniques for Watercolour Category: Workshop/Class Venue: Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, Island Highway, Victoria, BC, Canada
In this class we will look at the benefits of planning out your value design before embarking on your watercolour paintings. In the first part of the class we will look at how to use notan drawings to plan a value design, and how values relate to creating a strong focal point. We will then look at a variety of techniques you can use to save the white of your paper, and will practice various masking and painting methods. In the second part of the class we will look at various methods to create dark values, including different pigments, lowered intensity, and methods of tinting other colours. We will learn how to make black and discuss why you might not want to! Workshop runs 9:30 to 3:30; members only.