Arte Laine
Elaine L Hughes - Fine Art
4 Oct 2020 Bold Watercolours II: Values Category: Workshop/Class Venue: Coast Collective Art Centre, Wale Road, Victoria (Colwood), BC, Canada
In this class we will explore ways to make your watercolour paintings bolder, brighter and more powerful using values. In the first part of the class we will look at planning a value design, and how values relate to creating a strong focal point. We will then look at techniques you can use to save the white of your paper, and will practice various masking and painting ideas. We will also look at various methods to create dark values, including different pigments, lowered intensity, and methods of tinting other colours. We will learn how to make black and discuss why you might not want to! Bring examples of your own work that you feel are too timid, dull or muddy, as well as reference material that you want to work from and your usual paints and papers. Through classroom exercises, demos, critiques and working through a new version of your subject, you will learn how to bring more vibrancy to your work. See Coast Collective website for the supply list. 10 am to 4 pm.