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(posted on 22 Mar 2017)

Since I've been doing blog posts about some of my mentors, I thought I'd do the next one on Jerry Heine. Jerry was a friend of my Grandfather and it was more or less a coincidence that I ended up in his classes at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension. His bio and works are available at the Bugera Matheson Gallery website:

I love Jerry's use of colour and value. I'm constantly striving to integrate his sage advice into my watercolours. Two areas in which he excels are the use of wet-on-wet techniques (let the paint do what it will do, and let the colours mix on the page .... all in a fashion not entirely outside the artists control), and leaving the white of the paper as his lightest lights. Combined with deep colour saturation in his darkest darks, he creates amazing effects.

For me much of what I love about his painting style is best illustrated by his large waterfall paintings. I'll upload a couple of them here although many more are available on the Bugera Matheson website, above. Once you see them, you'll see what I mean!

Jerry Heine, "Below Stanley Glacier"

Jerry Heine, Autumn Falls